stuck in exam season ,

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Assalamualaikum ;)

Hye peeps ;)  how are you ? dahh lame tak update this blog , i miss to write everything what was happen to me , but .... now *speechless* last entry aku cakap 'sebulan due or due tiga minggu lagi i'll back here ;)' but i'm here rite now , tak sampai due tga minggu pun en ? hewwheww .

actually , i'm still in exam season , so far so good , but some of tha paper was soo hard to answers . i hate the exam schedule , kene study 2 subject for each day -,- how could i do that ?

oh yeah , next thusday is my last paper , aku rase macamm 'ehh cepat lha habes exam' i'm totally hate tha exam , i'm getting dying with tha exam question , homework ? please dont ask me that question , aku langsung tak sentuh homework , mentangg-mentang lahh exam ken ;D hehe .

11/2/2012 nihh Maulud celebration for my school , aku kene buad persembahan pulakk , oh malas nye , sangat lah malas , sepanduk for Maulud still tak siap , sangat lah banyak kerja aku minggu nihh , mane nak study for exam lagi , nak siapkan sepanduk lagi , nak training for persembahan Maulud lagi , mujur aku tak masuk larian merentas desa , kalau tak kene training merentas desa lagii , ohmaiGod ;/

now , i feel like i wanna deactive all of my sosial network acc , tapii , aku akan kebosanan kalau tak click "log in" on facebook , twitter etc etc ;( at least , aku boleh rajin-2 kan diri untuk study kalau aku deactive semua nye enn , hurm , i'll think twice for this problemo .

i know that i got a broken english rite ? dont you ever tell me ;D haha .

lovely author,

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