She Mad Me Scare for SPM :|

Friday, December 2, 2011 @ 4:49 PM | 0 Comment [s]

Assalamualaikum :)

jyeahh , 2012 is around the corner , SPM also . what ? SPM ? yeahh , Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia . OhMyGod , swear ! i can't imagine how my SPM result be next year . akhir tahun form 4 pun result aku macam sampah . i should be a better student next year , be hardworking , earphone not in my ear always *like now* , no more Facebook all the time , no more Outting , sigh , can i ? maybe it so hard to do that . next year , i'll facingg the Textbook , Tuisyen , Extra Classes , Dictionary *i had broken english for this entry right* , grr~ this sunday ADDMATH tuisyen started , yess , aku nakk tumpukan perhatian . if i can . maybe no or maybe yess , what ever be aku kene berubah . yesterday , aku baca entry kak Syakirah Abdullah  , scare ? yess , so scare . semua cikgu dea target A  , dea bijakk boleh lha , aku nihh low kot* subject pure science . susahh le siked nakk skor macam dea :/

p/s : for bebudakk PMR , nanti naek form 4 jangan maen-2 macam kakakk anda ini , merana lha diri macam sekarangg , semua nak kene cover balekk :(

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